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???? Dungeon Quest Stream ???? VOLCANIC CHAMBER ???? LEGENDARY + ROBUX GIVEAWAY!!!????

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Hi there, Welcome to Stream! Please Like and Subscribe, I'm replaying Dungeon Quest with the new update that came out. Thank you all for 500 FREAKIN' SUBSCRIBERS! I am SOOOO HAPPY that we reached 500!!! So as thanks, I'm going to giveaway some robux and legendary weapons in dungeon quest! :D


Please Join My Discord - https://discord.gg/uVnYjxE

Make sure to join my Group!!!

You can join by my Roblox Profile!
My Roblox Profile - https://www.roblox.com/users/83533697/profile

1. No Begging!
2. Don't Be Mad if you Lose, there'll always be more!
3. Don't Promote your channel or other people's channel.
4. Don't Spam/Curse Consistently unless told to, you only get 3 warnings.
- 1st, Warning for Spamming
- 2nd, Timeout for Spamming
- 3rd, Muted for Spamming
5. If You've won something, please let other's also win.
6. Don't ask for robux, I'll only give away robux when I WANT TO.
- 2 Warnings ONLY
7. Last Rule, Make sure to Like and Subscribe. ;)

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