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10 Free PlayStation 4 Games You Can Download Right Now! Part 9

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It’s time to see what free PS4 games you may not have noticed recently. This is our 9th list so check the other videos if nothing takes your fancy here. Let’s use the comment section to find like minded players so pop your PSN and the name of the game you’d like to play with others.

1. Hyper Scape - Battle Royale
2. Rogue Company - Team Shooter - Founders only NOT FREE YET
3. Paraiso Island - Island life sim
4. Fantasy Strike - 1 on 1 fighter
5. World of Tanks WWE - military strategy shooter
6. Racing Bros - Driving sim/arcade REMOVED FROM VIDEO DUE TO COPYRIGHT ISSUE
7. CoD Warzone - Battle Royale
8. Rocket League - arcade racing football/soccer - FREE ANY DAY NOW
9. Island Saver - FPS
10. Final Fantasy XIV Online - MMORPG - LEVEL 60 FREE
11. Don't Even Think - Battle Royale / Horror Survival

So that’s 10 more free to play games you can play on the Playstation Store. I'll be back in a month or six for episode 10.

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