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3 inspiring stories about overweight women who found happiness | Animations

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If you enjoy watching inspirational animated cartoon movies ????, then these 3 animations by Fabiosa about overweight people will be right up your alley ????. The first animated story is about a slightly overweight woman ????‍???? who was bullied at work by her colleague. The second one is about a wife ????‍♀, whose husband stopped being attracted to her after she gave birth. The third animation tells about a woman ???? whose husband wanted to fatten her up on purpose.
The effects of being overweight might sound bad but in these animated shorts, the main characters learned that being overweight shouldn’t prevent them from experiencing happiness ????. Have you ever had any overweight problems ????? Please, share with us in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more inspiring animated short stories ????.
00:00 - My evil colleague wants me gone because I’m fat
05:05 - My husband cheated on me because I gained weight after birth
08:12 - My husband wants to fatten me up so that I won’t leave him


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3 inspiring stories about overweight women who found happiness | Animations

Fabiosa Animated is a unique place in the digital ???? world. Our channel is focused on true story animations: People from around the globe ???? share their most honest tales and we transform them into animations. True stories are turned into fantastic animations by Fabiosa. You will find inspiring and touching short animation films ???? and cartoons on our channel. Fabiosa videos are aimed at helping people ???? by teaching valuable lessons with the aid of animations based on what has actually happened to others.

Fabiosa Animated works to create a better world ???? filled with kindness and compassion. A simple animated short film can open someone’s eyes ???? to their mistakes and help them become better. If you prefer an animated story to any other kind or enjoy short animation videos, be sure to subscribe to our channel. Just check out one animation short film ???? by Fabiosa and you’ll be hooked.
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Music ????: ES_Rebuild Me (Instrumental Version) - Tommy Ljungberg
ES_Stuck In The Middle (Tribute Version) (Instrumental Version) - Akerman
ES_You Let Go (Instrumental Version) - Thyra

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