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$300 Garage Sale Treasure Chest! Amazing find! See description below!

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Yes... this actually happened, these coins were overall quite worn and not collector grade, I did pull any high value coins out and sell separately. I was at our shop when a customer, and friend came into the shop and asked if I wanted to go to an estate sale with them. I said sure and hopped in his car. We were nearly first to arrive that day, and among some other great finds at the sale was this chest of coins with an asking price of $300. I purchased it on the second day of the sale and surprisingly nobody else touched it because the top layer was mostly pennies and didn’t look that exciting. It was a gamble as I wasn’t even sure I would have $300 in face value
At first. I didn’t include this in the video because it took a little while to sell everything, no hugely significant coins... but with the rolled coins, rarer coins and silver it came to a profit of more then $2000, which really helped pay the bills that month :) and... don't forget to subscribe and check out our website at www.curiosityedmonton.ca

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