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A Unique Description of Franz Liszt Practicing : The Virtuoso we make of him today?

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No doubt Franz Liszt must have been a remarkable pianist, but the unique description the French virtuoso organist Charles-Marie Widor gave of him while attending a complete week of practice might change the view in which we look back at the great pianist.
In this video I will shed some light on aspects that for sure are rarely, if ever are mentioned before.

Did Liszt join the new fashion of more mechanical and rapid piano playing that started around 1840? Did he pioneer that movement?
Would the impressive recordings we still have of later generations give an impression of his playing? Or is there another facet that we might overlook and that is important to give him back the position in the piano landscape of the 19th century?

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Book on Charles-Marie widor:

"Charles Marie Widor, Vater der Orgelsymphonie"
Written by Ben van Oosten
Peter Ewers Verlag ISBN 3-928243-04-7

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