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ASMR Happiness Boutique unboxing (???? soft spoken, light tapping, crinkling & jewelry sounds)

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Happiness Boutique is a German Jewelry brand based in Berlin. They kindly sent me one of their peices to unbox. I hope you like it!

Happiness Boutique https://bit.ly/2JzN98N
Rose gold heart bracelet https://bit.ly/2VQMfXC
CODE JenASMRUnboxing FOR 10% OFF all orders over 29€ from January 13th until February 13th

00:00 Preview & channel intro
00:42 Intro
06:00 Sleepy crinkly package sounds
09:13 Unboxing bracelet
18:23 Outro

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This is an ASMR video, if you were expecting a different type of video, you may find this quite slow and unnecessarily long, don't worry, it's normal! You may find that it relaxes you, watching ASMR videos is a great way to unwind while working, studying, even cleaning and can be a great sleep aid. I like nothing more than drifting off at the end of a long day with an ASMR video, maybe you'll like it too :)

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