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Asta Akaxor Jon - অস্ত আকাশৰ জোন | 11th Jan 2021 | Episode No 115

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Episode 115

আকাশে মাকৰ কথা শুনি দেউতাকক সহায় কৰিবলৈ মান্তি হ'বনে?

About Asta Akaxor Jon:

Asta akaxor joon" is a family oriented story. It's a saga of young love and extended family dynamics revolves around two cousins, Astha and Arohi. They feel a very strong bonding towards each other. Kind hearted Astha carries a very charming character with brilliancy and intelligence. And on the other hand her beautiful and adorable sister Arohi is a fun loving girl. She loves to dance and she can make anyone lough by her funny nature. Akash, A childhood friend of Astha, is a very innocent and a smart guy. He belongs to a very wealthy family. In his childhood, Akash fall in love with Astha. In due course of the time they had to fall apart from each other. But the lover boy Akash had been longing for the day to meet his childhood beloved Astha so that he could express his feelings to her that he was harnessing from his childhood. Finally when the most anticipated day has arrived Akash proposes Arohi instead of Astha. Because of several years of gap between them Akash could not able to recognise the girls. He has mistaken Arohi as Astha.

Prior to this, when they heard about Akash arrival to their home the cousins played a challenge in between them, on his first sight, whether Akash would be able to identify his childhood friends by their names or not. But Akash’s father Prakash takes it as an opportunity to fulfill his motive once buried in their soil. Many years back when Prakash used to be a small trader, hide some precious things under the soil of Arohi's campus. Due to some adverse circumstances he couldn't collect those precious things from there. That's why Prakash conspires to make Arohi as his daughter in law. And a result of which Akash ends up marrying Arohi. Initially he opposed this wedding, but Astha convinced him. Because Arohi has fell in love with Akash. Astha sacrifice her love for her cousin Arohi. Astha's mother Chandra gets very angry & sad about this. She hates Arohi & her mother Lakshmi .

Likewise Arohi's sister in law Meghna hates Arohi, she thinks that Arohi is not perfect for their family. But Akash mother Aradhana supports Arohi as her own mother. Meghna can't tolerate this at all.
Akash's cousin, Moon is also an important character of this story. Who vows to destroy Akash's family at any cost. He joined in hand with Meghna and starting conspiracy against Akash & Arohi. To breaking apart them, they make many attempts to bring Astha close to Akash. On the other hand Prakash is also engaged in his mission where he conspires to uses Arohi's father Laban as a main weapon.
Thus, Prakash, Moon & Meghna's incessant and heinous conspiracy creates many problems in Astha, Arohi & Akash's relationship. All this brings many ups and downs to their journey of life and the story “Asta Akaxor joon” accumulates all these occurrences in a very sweet manner.

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