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Attack on Titan VR Quest 2 Gameplay // Attack on Quest // The Unofficial Attack on Titan VR Game!

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Want to know how to play Attack on Titan on Oculus Quest? It's easy, download Sidequest to your PC & you'll have access to tonnes of new VR experiences and apps on your Quest or Quest 2! Today I'm checking out one of those experiences, an Attack on Titan VR game called Attack on Quest. This isn't an official AOT VR experience / AOT Quest 2 game but rather a passion product created by talented VR devs to allow fans to experience the feeling of using ODM to take down titans in familiar locations. Attack on Titan VR / Attack on Quest is a free download and you just need to have Sidequest installed to your PC to be able to access it. what are you waiting for, setup Sidequest today and starting cutting down titans from the comfort of your living room...

Download Attack on Quest / Attack on Titan VR for Quest or Quest 2 for free from Sidequest - https://sidequestvr.com/app/502/attack-on-quest

This Attack on Titan Quest 2 experience is a little rough around the edges but for a free product it is absolutely packed with content. Quest 2 Attack on Titan has three different levels, 2 time attack modes, a hardcore setting (disabling all assists and HUD elements) and a multiplayer mode that lets you slay titans with friends in VR on Quest or Quest 2. It might not be the prettiest game but it's an AOT VR game and it's completely free, for fans of AOT it's worth downloading Sidequest just to check this out for a quick bit of fun!

In this Attack on Titan VR gameplay / Attack on Titan Oculus Quest 2 gameplay I showcase a couple of levels and the basic mechanics of the game, turns out I am not the titan slaying pro I hoped I might be... I get eaten quite a lot and I'm really not very good at swinging through the streets or trees...

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