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Better Days Boys Love | Episode 04 [ENG SUBS]

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Another day, another selosan?
We all know how the pandemic instantly hit everything… even our daily routines.
With the locals having a hard time buying their necessities in the market, Aron is having difficulty to cook and serve food for Kian as other ingredients are running out. Luckily, his good friend April willingly offered some of her goods to Aron.
But Kian doesn’t seem to be happy about this. His reason: it’s never safe to allow anyone coming into his house.
Is he really concerned about the health threat or is he threatened by something else – an emotional threat?

Starring: Chesther Chua and Benedix Ramos
Written and directed by: Carlo Obispo
Produced by: Unframed Film Productions
Co-produced by: LoveJohn Media Productions
In cooperation with: Rough Road Productions

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