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BLACKMAIL & BESTIES ????Queen B, Chapter 13????

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I enjoyed our Ian time! A LOT!???????????? It's great to have him back. But I do think that we should have told him. I understand why our character didn't because she was planning to solve it. But he has a right to know. Relationships are built on trust.

Anyway. I guess I should talk about Zoey. I agreed with our apology to Zoey. We really should have just said screw the cards and taken her out of there asap. But we wanted revenge more.
With that said, I also feel a little upset at how Zoey kept rubbing our nose in it after the apology. It just rubbed me the wrong way. Because, I feel like Zoey used us and didn't really seem too concerned about us when she thought we were going to be the human sacrifice. She didn't pull us out of there. She said hurry up.

I wondered if there were more photos and apparently there were plenty. Plus, the proof of them sharing a bed. I really believe it's Benji. And we will see him again. And when we do its going to be bad!

Poppy's one to talk about someone only caring about their reputation. Her real dad isn't rich and she wants him in her life. Thats interesting. Her "dad" doesn't want her to ruin hid reputation. No matter who it hurts. I think it helps answer the question of, 'nature vs. nurture.

Poppy's dirty little secrets are coming to light if she doesn't watch her back.
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