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BREAKING: Season 3 Reloaded Download Available NOW | Trailer Soon, Early DLC Content & SBMM Revealed

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BREAKING: Season 3 Reloaded Download Available NOW | Trailer Soon, Early DLC Content & SBMM Revealed

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0:00 - Introduction
1:18 - NEW Mastercraft Available in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone
1:42 - Gameplay Trailer Premiering Tomorrow + New Teasers Released
2:46 - Early Season 3 Reloaded Preload & Content Going Live Tomorrow?!
3:50 - Secret Message Of The Day Reference & Voice Actor Reveal Soon
4:34 - FIRST Look At Rambo & John Mcclaine From COD Mobile AD
5:24 - Splash Screen For Season 3 Reloaded Posted Early, WOW
5:59 - Season 4 COD 2021 Event Details & Armored Train Explained
6:53 - Are The Events in Warzone Canon, Something Doesn’t Add Up
7:21 - Mystery Activision Title Revealed, Remaster Debunked Today
8:30 - MW3 Remastered Dropping in Q2 + COD 2021 Alpha Rumors
8:50 - SBMM VPM Exposed With Bot Lobbies & Cheating Tournaments
9:44 - Drift0r Confirms Skill Based Matchmaking Work Around, What’s Next
10:32 - NEW Operator Found in Black Ops Cold War ‘VIP Escort’
11:19 - Second Trailer Dropping After 80’s Event + Marketing Confusion Explained
12:28 - Closing Statements

#CallOfDuty #BlackOpsColdWar #SeasonThree #Treyarch

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