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Chess King Learn video description for Mobile iOS and Android

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A short description for mobile applications in the series Chess King Learn, by Chess King.

Chess King is the leader in chess education with over 50 apps in all areas of chess, opening, tactics, and endgames. Chess King Learn apps. All apps are fully interactive, with Chess King Learn double checking each move for correctness. Not only the first move is to be found, but full relevant variations, exploring different opponents responses to enhance your skill in any situation. You will be asked to find additional lines and Chess King Learn will show you refutations to commonly made mistakes. If you need help and get it wrong, hints will be offered. You can advance at your own pace with Chess King Learn, go to the level or topic you are interested in and get your brain working. Each solution you give will be evaluated and will contribute to your rating, so everyone can see how much progress you have made.

Through your journey with Chess King Learn, you will become a better chess player in a fun and exciting way.

Visit https://learn.chessking.com for more info.

Learn with Chess King Learn anywhere; with full off-line support standard. Chess King Learn synchronizes achievement and results between all of your devices; Android, iOS and Web. Start on the web and continue learning on your phone. Share your results with your coach.

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