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CLONE ASSASSIN TROOPERS - The Republic's Most RUTHLESS Clone Troopers

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Clone Assassin Troopers were an elite group of Clone Troopers who were recruited by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine near the end of the Clone Wars, with the specific goal of eliminating Jedi opponents after the events of Order 66. These Assassin Clones were trained to defeat Jedi using a rare hand to hand combat technique, designed to exploit the weaknesses of force users. So who were the Clone Assassins, and why were they taken to the Jedi temple during Anakin’s slaughter of the younglings?
I’m going to break down exactly what the Clone Assassin division was and unique weaponry that they used.

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Near the end of the Clone Wars, a new division of Clone Troopers was specially ordered and recruited by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, called the Clone Assassin Troopers. The assassin trooper division was created by Palpatine through legitimate legislation in the senate which was passed by a majority of senators, without question. Palpatine claimed that these assassin troopers were essential to protecting the Government of the Republic and the chancellor himself, in case the Jedi ever decided to Rebel against the Republic, or try to assassinate the Supreme chancellor. Yes, he literally said that in public, on the Senate floor. Because Palpatine was one of the most popular Chancellors the Republic had seen in quite some time through his continued success in the Clone Wars, the Senate were very happy to continue passing any legislation that he brought forward, regardless of the consequences. It’s actually crazy how open Palpatine was able to be with this division. The Jedi obviously weren’t too happy with the creation of the Clone Trooper Assassin division, but were forced to accept it as part of the structure of the Republic military or risk losing their political power, which of course was one of the major weaknesses of the Jedi order towards its end. Systems to eliminate members of military organizations should they go rogue or commit treason already existed in almost every other military in the Galaxy, so the Jedi also believed that this legislation was merely created to show the public that their elected leader, Palpatine was taking the steps necessary to ensure that the Jedi did not gain too much power. They never believed that these Clones would actually be used against them.
Once the Clone Assassin bill was passed, Palpatine initially only sent the Clone Assassin Troopers along with Covert Operations Troopers to assist in the killing of Clones who deserted the Grand Army of the Republic. They obviously weren’t authorised to eliminate any Jedi targets at this point, so Palpatine was forced to use them on clone defectors, political opponents and separatist leadership.

After the elite assassin division was created, Sidious and the Grand Army of the Republic leadership began to gear up the new breed of assassin troopers, making sure that they were equipped with the best possible armour and weaponry for their specific mission objectives. They were outfitted in the Standard Phase II clone armour with only some very slight modifications to make it easier for them to perform acrobatic maneuvers and advanced martial arts movements. The Clone Assassin Armour was usually a light blue and white color, but Some incredibly skilled and high ranking Clone Assassins also wore darker phase II armor, making them difficult to spot in fast paced hand to hand combat, which is of course what they specialized in. Unlike regular Clone Troopers, the Clone Assasins did not carry blasters as their primary weapons, instead carrying a highly enhanced vibro-blade in each arm, directly attached to their elbows. These vibro-blades extended the reach of the Clone Assassin using them, and significantly increased the lethality of the attacks. When not being used, the Assassin Trooper could fold the vibro-blade back into a neutral position, so that it would not obstruct any routine activities of the trooper. If the Clone Assassin ever found himself in a dangerous position, he could rapidly activate the vibroblades at only a moment's notice, sharply swinging them out and locking them into the attack position, before lunging at his opponent.

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