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"Coffee Shop Millionaire Review" by @NoMoreBSReviews | "Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam"

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"Coffee Shop Millionaire Review" by @NoMoreBSReviews | "Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam"
►Full review at http://nomorebsreviews.com/negative-reviews/coffee-shop-millionaire-review-anthony-trister/


Coffee Shop Millionaire by Anthony Trister is a HORRENDOUS product. The main problem is that it isn't even taught by the guy that claims to teach it - it's taught by a guy named Fabricio Cruz. Bait and switch, much? Coffee Shop Millionaire is based on selling internet marketing services to local businesses, then outsourcing those jobs and marking up the price for a profit. However, Anthony Trister (or should I say Fabricio Cruz) spend hardly ANY time teaching you how to sell to local businesses or manage the teams you outsource to. How could they though, in 12 video lessons - most of which are around 10 minutes? There is absolutely NO WAY anybody should be paying for Coffee Shop Millionaire - it's a waste of your time and money.

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