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Dealing with Mr. Bad boy| FINALE 2/2 SEASON 2| Gacha life ???? series ???? *read desc after watching

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This is the last episode of DWMBB! And I just want to say thanks for watching this series. Please don’t tell me to do season 3 because this series has already been going on for a year now, and I’m exhausted. Don’t get me wrong I love these oc’s so much! And I do everything with them skits, meme’s, normal gacha vids, music videos. But you have to understand that I’m not just a robot that makes gacha videos for you to be entertained. I’m ready to do something new, but I’m first going to be doing GLMM’s until Gacha club comes out for me (I’m iOS ). These oc’s might make an appearance on a Gacha mini movie I might make. And I know a lot of people will be like “WhErE ArE ThE BaBiEsss?!” Well that's why I made my Christmas special the way I did. So you guys can see the children, and I wanted to make a different ending other than Prom and the kiss and the end. BUT OTHER THAN THAT! Stay tuned for more videos! :)

????Love you all so much! ????

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