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Doing your dares! + Mother's Day Special(Read Description)

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Hey guys!
Sorry I couldn't post this video earlier...My parents took away my tablet!(Again)Sometimes they just don't understand me!

So there's this boy in my class and he is a ------------.He keeps teasing me because I'm sort of a nerd.And I always try to ignore him,but last week he ruined my science project that I worked so hard for and I just blew it.I punched him and then(accidentally)kicked him in a particular place.And then the next thing I knew he's lying on the ground screaming in pain.

I'm not a violent person,I try to be nice to everyone I know and I do anything to make my friends happy.But if a person makes my friends and people I love upset,then I will react!But my parents have the special ability to underline my negative sides,instead of trying to understand the situation.

What do you think?Did I do the right thing?What would you do if you were me?Please comment your opinion.


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