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doubling minion efficiency with a simple build (hypixel skyblock) [DESCRIPTION]

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if you dont build this you are legally stupid

farming minions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKwFKzWqDEg

-animals sometimes can glitch into blocks and clog the farm. just replace the glass with a solid block and they should just suffocate
-animals can sometimes glitch into the 2 doors on the farm so I would just remove the doors and enter through the top
-an update proposal planned to change how some of the minion spawning works. for now this farm is fine but it may get a tad slower in the near future

chicken, pig, rabbit, spider, cave spider farm FIX (skyblock broke the old design :p)

TIMESTAMPS (tip: put budget hoppers in all the minions)

chicken, pig, rabbit, spider, cave spider farm FIX (skyblock broke the old design :p)

cow, sheep, zombie, creeper, skeleton, blaze farm: 1:07

chicken farm: use design at 1:07, see video linked above for fix

ghast farm: 5:58

slime, magma cube: 8:13

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