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Faye Wong: 容易受傷的女人 with pinyin and translation (see description)

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To download the MP3 of this song and many more, visit my website at http://chinese-melody.net .

NOTE: HIGH-QUALITY version is available. Just choose an output rate on the video control bar (up to 480p).


Can't mention Cantonese classics without the inclusion of 容易受傷的女人 ("Vulnerable Woman") by Faye Wong with romanization pinyin for those who cannot read the language but would like to sing along nonetheless. Also, I have provided the English translation for some of us who do not understand Chinese. :)

All video animations and the overall presentation were done by me. Static background image was obtained from Google Images search. The translation was done by me.

This is one of my music videos so be sure to check out my other videos and subscribe to be informed of future updates.

Please leave your comments, suggestions, or any requests you may have. Thank you!

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