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Full 6.2.5 Guide! Mistrust Is Arguably The Hardest Quest In Game! Let's Break It Down!

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One Of The Hardest quests in game and likely also the one i get asked about the most, therefore i decided to make this huuuuuuuuge video breaking down every path in 6.2.5!

Globan Node Video! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaFvSYHdH1k&t=572s

#KT1 #mcoc #6.2.5

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Most popular questions I get:

1. Who is your favourite champion: Quake.
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3. Second best champ in the game? Ghost; in general, what quake can’t shake, she can phase, just watch out for armour breaks and you’ll be good.
4. Third best? Hmm depends on the situation, but if it can’t be quaked or ghosted then in general you might need a specific counter, so it varies

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