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Gremlin - The Flames [Official Audio] (Lyrics In Description)

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Here's the official video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB1_t9667d8

Stream On Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/7lA9w3leV9EBhuIOvwL2C3?si=E-_icqV4S8eQj03m5aLLtw

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[Verse 1: Gremlin]
I can tell that you don't ever want to trust again,
cause every time you trusted it just left ya hurt/
And I can tell that you don't ever want to love again,
cause when they leave all you do I second guess ya worth/
now you're choking on your tears and you can't breathe/
cause all the pain is coming at you like a stampede/
and even after all of that you feel you cant leave/
but don't go changing who you are to fit a mans needs/
it's not fair I know it isn't right/ but you were
meant to shine bright don't you dim ya light, live ya life/
because you're perfect how you are don't you change a thing/
and baby you were made a queen but he aint a king/
so why you trippin when it aint a thing?/ One day you'll
find someone who will make it seem like every days a dream/
just be honest with yourself that you're truly done/
and make your ex man jealous of who you become/

[Hook; Gremlin]
Tell me who it is you are,
you say you got a big ole heart,
but that it's filled with scars,
and that you wanna die cause you're tired of the pain/
Ill tell you who it is you are,
I know you're a shining star,
and that you been fighting hard,
and that you're gonna rise from the fire and the flames/

[Verse 2: Gremlin]
See I know who you won't be,
at least not anymore with all that confidence/
girl I can see the beauty that you don't see,
and you deserve someone who doesn't call it quits/
not someone who puts you down like you're incompetent/
see that's why you feel uncomfortable with compliments/
cause you put up a wall, cause you don't know who's fake now/
you don't know whos gonna build you up or make you break down/
and you don't want to risk it you will not relive it/ and that's
why you built a barrier to make sure that nobody visits/
and I realize it hurts and that this time is worse/
but I know you were meant for more so just realize your worth/
its not determined by a man or even by the church/
its determined in yourself so look inside and search/
you got more power than you think don't let a man define you/
and I promise I will stand behind you/
see he was busy tryna burn you down with a couple matches/
but you are like a phoenix rising from the ashes/
and becoming a better you/ someone
that you never knew, girl it was something you were meant to do/
all the pain and the flames made you stronger/
not whenever it gets in your way you will conquer/
all I speak is truth really hope that you believe this/
so when you're in the fire just remember you're a phoenix/

[Hook: Gremlin]
I'll tell you who it is you are,
I know you're a shining star,
and that you been fighting hard,
and that you're gonna rise from the fire and the flames/

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