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GREY MARKET #13: He's Got Magic Tricks | TRAX Appears | Alex Goes Home

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Welcome back to another episode of GREY MARKET! Thank you all for your support and feedback! If you're not yet subscribed, please do so now and help us get to 100K subs!

This week starts like any other week with an amazing unboxing! Then we introduce you to our newest team member, Cameron. Cam joined our video team as a videographer/editor but we quickly found out he's much more talented than we thought. He's not allowed in the vault ????

We then have a little meeting about the GREY MARKET Facebook group and the team get's a nice laugh at my expense ????

???? THE WRAP-UP SHOW ????. Avi is putting together a "wrap-up" episode just going over everything that's happened so far in GREY MARKET and we want your comments, questions, and roasts! Email them to James@LuxuryBazaar.com and stay tuned for the episode announcement. I'll invite some fans to come out to the taping (and party).

Alex gets a sick new rug (shoutout to HypeThrow.com) and then is schooled on Dolly Parton and Dollywood while selling a Platinum Daytona.

Nick deals with the "Pinned by Roman Sharfff" YouTube spammers (I don't know anything about crypto so ignore any of those comments!), and Alex fly's out to Puerto Rico to deliver another Richard Mille.

Out of nowhere TRAX NYC shows up at our office! I give him a tour of our office, show him how we do what we do, and we shot a great video for his channel. Check him out  @TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry

It was a busy week and it's only getting busier! LFG!!

0:00 Unboxing
8:30 Cameron the Magician
12:07 Facebook Group Meeting
22:07 Wrap-Up Show
22:40 HypeThrow
23:23 Alex Sells a Platinum Daytona
30:28 Nick Messes with Spammers
32:33 Alex Takes off to Puerto Rico
33:42 TRAX NYC Shows Up at Our Office
42:19 Alex Delivers a Richard Mille

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???? Call my office @ 215-791-8203
???? Facebook Group: Facebook.com/groups/greymarket


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