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GTA 5 Mobile - How to Download GTA 5 APK - Android & iOS

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GTA 5 Mobile - https://mobilegta5.net

Hello everyone! In this tutorial I will teach you guys how I going through process of downloading, installing and playing GTA 5 on my Android phone, but it works also on iOS. It took me about 4-6 minutes, so I'm pretty sure you will be able make it yourself. Before you can play GTA 5 Mobile on Android or iOS you should follow all my steps from this tutorial.

Let's begin! As you may see I'm opening internet browser on my Xiaomi with Android system and insert page I gave you at beginning of this description. Once you enter page you will see two download buttons and detailed information about GTA V Mobile where you can find for example: features of this game, props and cons as well as gameplay. To download GTA 5 apk click proper button and wait a moment. Afterward install and open game. During installation you might see warning that you installing apk from unknown source. Just allow for it and follow next step.

One you installed and opened app you will see game lunching. But before you can play GTA 5 you need to verify you are human. Click Ok button and follow instruction you show on screen. Probably you will be asked for download some apps or something like that. Shortly after you close apk, open GTA 5 Mobile again using your phone with Android or iOS device like iPhone with iOS. Game should be unlocked and playable.

Hope you enjoy my video! If you want support my creativity please kindly leave feedback in comment section or thumb up. I'll appreciate all new and subscribers. For me I will be big impulsion to making more video tutorial about mobile games. Peace!

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