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Happiness hack: Approach life like an Italian chef | Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos | Big Think

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Happiness Hack
Approach Life Like An Italian Chef

with Debi Mazar & Chef Gabriele Corcos

Moderated by Big Think editor Jason Olson

What does an adaptive and inventive life look like? Well, it looks a lot like Italian cooking. Tuscan chef Gabriele Corcos and American actor Debi Mazar bring their creative forces to Big Think Live to discuss risk-taking, career pivoting, and why your approach to food can be an instruction manual for reinvention, love and family.

Ask your questions during the live Q&A!

Gabriele Corcos is a Tuscan chef and Ducati rider. He is the creator and producer of Extra Virgin on the Cooking Channel, a NY Times Best Selling author, and James Beard Award recipient. After studying medicine and enlisting in the Italian military, Gabriele took a chance, making financial and motorcycle sacrifices to study music in Brazil. His love for the drums later led him to travel extensively through Cuba and Europe. In 2001, while in Florence, he met Debi Mazar and his love for her led him to another new home: Los Angeles, California. It was on moving to the United States with Debi that his heritage in Tuscan cooking began to manifest in standing out as an authentic, Italian chef. His youth amongst grape vines, olive trees, and in his grandmother’s kitchen, had converged and turned him into the Tuscan Gun we know today.

Debi Mazar is an American actress and television personality, known for playing assertive, stylish, and sharp-tongued women. Mazar began her career as a hip hop b-girl in New York City. Her first television appearance was on the pilot for a hip hop television dance show, Graffiti Rock in 1984. Debi later went on to perform in several of Madonna’s music videos. Mazar has played a number of supporting roles in a variety of films, Goodfellas (1990); The Doors (1991); Little Man Tate (1991), Singles (1992); Bullets Over Broadway (1994); and Batman Forever (1995). She has starred in several TV series including Civil Wars, LA Law, and Friends, and on the HBO series, Entourage. In 2014, she had a starring role in the Cooking Channel series, Extra Virgin, along with her chef husband, Gabriele Corcos. In 2018 she expertly played Hollywood actress, Ava Gardner, in the Spanish television series Arde Madrid, about the period of Gardner’s life in Madrid during the Franco era.
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