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How to Become a Millionaire - Become a Millionaire with this Simple Trick!

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How to Become a Millionaire -- http://www.noahhammond.com Today's advice is simple but EFFECTIVE. It will literally show you how to become a millionaire. 521 -- that's all you need to know.

What does 521 have to do with becoming a millionaire? Well, five hundred and twenty-one dollars per hour is what you need to earn if you would like to work forty hours a week, forty-eight weeks out of the year, and earn a million dollars.

So, if you want to take a month off over the course of the year and the other weeks out of the year you want to work standard for forty hour a week, you need to make five hundred twenty-one dollars an hour every single one of those forty hours to make a million dollars.

Now, the significance of this is not:

"Oh man, my job only pays me $15 an hour. I better quit!"

That's not what I am telling you.

Of course, it's not that you can simply go find a job that pays you $521 an hour because now you know the magic number. What this allows you to do is take an AWARENESS to what you value your time as and what your goals are.

So many people say:

"I want to be a millionaire!"

But then, they will go clean their house, which is a ten-dollar-an-hour task. Or, they will show up EVERY single day in a job that does not allow them to actually grow into one.

In order to be a millionaire, you need to take a consciousness to this. This is not to make wrong. This is an empowerment. With this empowering mindset, you can look at the things you do on a daily basis and ask yourself:

"Are these supporting my real goals?"

Maybe your goal is not to be a millionaire. Maybe you want to make two hundred thousand dollars a year and that would make you totally, SUPER happy and make you feel totally comfortable and excited about how much income you are earning.

So, two hundred thousand dollars a year will be approximately a hundred and fifty dollars an hour or, a hundred and twenty-five dollars an hour.

You can still take this awareness and apply it to your life. What I would suggest you doing is taking a piece of paper and making a T-chart and writing down on one side everything that you do on a daily basis -- the common tasks that make up your life. Write on the other side what your real big goals and dreams are.

I would apply this mindset of 521 or whatever the case might be and say:

"Is this above or below the 521 rule? Does this support my big dream or vision?"

What this is going to do is allow you to see the changes that you need to make in your life, the places that you might need to delegate more, or the things that you have taken on that are not truly serving you, your dream and vision, and whatever the impact is you want to make in the world.

This is how you become a millionaire, by actually looking at what you do and how it serves that vision. You do not become a millionaire by wishing for it and hoping for it. You become a millionaire by taking steps to do so.

Another thing I would invite you to bring into your awareness is this: as you are driving around town or down the high-way, I want you to look at every single big building that you pass by and recognize that a millionaire or a multi-millionaire owns that building. I want you to use every single large building you see as a reminder:

"Millionaire. Millionaire. Millionaire. Millionaire."

There are MILLIONS of millionaires in the world. You might simply not be around them too often so it is hard for you to see. It is hard for you to believe. It is hard for you to become.

So, I want you to use this to start recognizing that you can become a millionaire. There is nothing fundamentally different about you, or me, or any of the other millionaires out there.

Use this little "building" awareness. It has made me so much more aware of how truly possible it is to make that kind of living.

With these mindsets at hand, I hope you are ready to become a millionaire.

If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur and you want to get your unique product or service out to the world to serve the world in a big way, please go check out http://www.GetHighImpact.com. It is what I am currently teaching to other people, showing them step-by-step how to do it. I am very excited for the people who are going through the program right now and for the people who might be in the program in the future.

As always, I invite you to please comment below because I love to hear things that has sparked in your mind set, imagination, vision, and your own life. How has this video impacted you? What ways do you think this has helped you become or be now on your path to being a millionaire? Love to hear it.

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Thanks and talk soon!

Noah Hammond


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