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How to download and install Windows 98 in Virtual PC / Virtual Box / WMVare

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Registration key:DMWRC-T9XP4-GJ2P8-26G66-V9WBB

Video quality is really bad, I know. NEW VERSION IS OUT!!!

Windows 98:
http://bit.ly/windows98fromDrive (Download from Google Drive, should go fast)

Installing Windows 98 on a USB stick►https://youtu.be/tDWep1RqSEY

Sorry for poor audio quality at some parts... Copyright problems 'n stuff :P

Link for the virtual machine/PC (Select 32-bit or 64-bit, depends on the type of your system)

(Virtual PC work on windows 7 only. If you do not have Windows 7, you can use Virtual Box or VMWare. Setup of the machine itself is a bit different, but after that, it's all the same)

Core 2 Duo Gaming PC► https://youtu.be/yFWJcSBjGGs
Core 2 Quad Gaming PC► https://youtu.be/YBaQNhLcZ9Y
Can you live with 1 GB of RAM?►https://youtu.be/t0qdzjyzo8s
Second-hand server Gaming PC► https://youtu.be/WT6TfkzMURQ

A site where you can download anything for windows :)

One other thing: Stop asking weather is it virus-free, or not I have used the ISO multiple times. Has no virus. Scanned by avast!. I will not scan it with any other anti-viruses. Do it yourself.

In case if you have problems with torrents, or you don't like 'em, download it from Google Drive: http://bit.ly/win98GD
Twitter: https://twitter.com/imran85ze

Check out my site: http://bit.ly/oxygenphones

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