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????How to Download ESIC e-pehchan card☑️ | ESI ID card for treatment online

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01:40 What is e-pehchan card?
03:54 Steps to download e-pehchan card
05:10 Example of e-pehchan card
05:36 Important points to note for filling e-pehchan card
08:40 Benefits listed under ESIC

Many of you might possess the ESIC card which is yellow in color. You need to carry the card to the hospital as and when you have to complete your ESIC treatments. However, it is unfortunate that ESIC cards are not issued after 2016. For all those people, who have been deducting an amount for ESIC from their salary, have been hit by the abolition of the ESIC card. In the place of ESIC card, there is an e-pehchan card for the beneficiaries. We will introduce you to the E-pehchan card and how to download it.

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