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How to edit like WOLFIEZ on controller! Fortnite Battle Royal (CHECK DESCRIPTION)

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A lot of people said editing like Wolfiez can't be done by people like you and me when they really just have no idea how.


Check the description for an in-depth text version of the video.

1. Ping

-Don't be phased by it, play on another server for a while, then come back to yours after a few days.

-Play smart to compensate for ping disadvantage, and apply it to low ping once you're back.

2. Optimize Binds

-Edit with your analog stick, play claw (and stretch!), or get paddles.

-Use double edit binds if possible (edit and confirm are separate binds). Practice them slowly and make sure you press them in the correct order, then speed up.

3. Drills

-If you can edit decently and want to make the plays Wolfiez does, you're going to need to practice. Set drills for things he normally does (Like a preplaced wall in an edit course, editing, then placing a ramp doing the Mongraal Classic).

-By making these complex plays into repeatable drills, slowly dissecting each drill until you can finish them quickly, they now become subconscious actions.

-You first need to get acquainted with editing before even trying them, feel free to check my previous video for some help.

-There's no easy trick, either you practice correctly (and consistently) for months, or you don't. It took me a month of practice nearly everyday for at least an hour, along with any optimized bind changes I had to do, to edit at a decently fast pace. It took me several more to break out of a cycle of basic training and improve the rate of my progress.

I'm a boomer in Fortnite terms, and I worked a full time job, paid bills for my own home and cared for a child, so that also played a part.

4. Believe

-Your brain is an ancient tool living in the modern world. If you continuously state "I can't do something", whether it be by demotivating you, causing you to perform less during training, or limiting progress, that tool will make that statement a reality.
-Instead of that, believe. Don't halfheartedly say it, actually believe the words you're speaking.
-Always stay positive, and make smalls goals to gradually work towards until you reach your end goal.

5. Repetition of previous video.

-Your fingers are controlled by your palms and forearms, if those muscles are weak or you lack training in individual finger movement, it will be very difficult to do high speed actions in-game. That's why training is important, and why I included the end portion.
-Edit as fast as possible for an extended period of time to work those muscles. Eventually they'll strengthen up and you'll be able to move your fingers faster and more freely.

-STRETCH! If you're stressing your muscles like this, it's very very very important to stretch before, during, and after thoroughly. Not only will your fingers move better and your overall mechanics will be quicker in real-time, it'll help avoid injury as well.

Here are some stretching videos to help:



Message me on IG if you need help or want to talk @AquraTV


Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx1qHKE_y9Q

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