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How to make a pastel portrait step by step (read description)

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Pastel portrait painting, step by step
By Bogra art Studio.

This was a really lovely portrait that I've enjoyed a lot! Great color palette and a lot of possibilities, the picture was great and the light wonderful...As you can see in the video I've been adapting the background while working..The important thing for this portrait was to get an accurate drawing from the beginning, to get some map to follow later...All the work was focussed to get her expression..Enjoy!!

Portrait painting process by Graciela Bombalova, Bogra.
This is the high-speed process of a pastel portrait painting of a young girl. I hope you enjoy...

You can see some other of my works in my website;
or contact me to ask or commission to studio@portraitonpastel.com
All comments are welcome!! Shares too! Enjoy! Thank you for watching...

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