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I Dated 8 Sugar Daddies To Survive (now I’m a millionaire) | This is my story

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Hello, everybody. My name is Penelope. When I was 17, I ran away from home and started dating horrible men for food. But one morning at the beach made me a millionaire.

I’ve had a pretty tough childhood. My family was like cockroaches. There were 7 of us living off of food stamps and crashing in different places. And my parents would sometimes fight so badly that they’d leave us for a couple of days to blow off steam. So, I was the one that had to take care of the children. Most of the time, I had to skip school myself because there was just so much to do. Until this one time that I just got really tired of it…After my graduation, I worked up the courage to tell my mom I want to go to college. She laughed in my face. “Then who’s gonna take care of us, baby?”, she asked. I was 17 and not ready to take care of 4 children just because my parents were a mess. It was so unfair! That evening, my mom went to the bar as usual. And my baby brother started crying hysterically. I asked my younger sister to take him, took my bag, a couple of things and left. Left them for good. But I didn’t know back then that this was not the lowest point I’d ever reach.

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