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I Made A Bubble Blowing Robot Trilobite | A $25 Maker Quest Project

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It's a Maker Quest! I was sent a box of random supplies from Hannah Makes to create a project. This is what I made!

In this video, you'll see me fail at making an air pump - but then - you'll see me succeed at making one - and out of cardboard no less! Then, I'll turn the plush into an animatronic bubble-blowing friend. It was so much fun to make this, and it has inspired me to make more stuffed animals and puppets which is something I loved as a kid. :)

0:00 Intro to the $25 Maker Quest
0:22 The Materials from Hannah Makes
2:20 Planning the air pump
3:23 Building the real air pump
5:44 Building the robotic mouth with a servo motor
6:33 Sewing a new mouth interior
7:21 Making her mustache fancy

It's a Quest full of making! I sent a box of supplies to Dane from @8 Bits and a Byte - You have to see what he made! (It's out of this world!) https://youtu.be/3o51IsO5caY

Dane sent supplies to Clarissa from @Make It And Fake It
Her's is a monster of a project! https://youtu.be/I9vuGCBXALw

Clarissa sent stuff to Nicole from @8 Bits and a Byte - I can only describe it as wacky - so you've gotta see it!: https://youtu.be/1OlGnpZbFjs

And finally, Nicole sent stuff to Hannah from Hannah Makes. She really planted the seed for an awesome project! https://youtu.be/3ncUP7Ds3Hc

And Hannah sent my materials to me!

It's a ring of maker fun. Follow these makers for more - they are talented passionate and worth watching!

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