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Impaulsive Podcast Audition (read description)

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???? PLEASE READ ????

1. This is (obviously) not ASMR. My regularly scheduled, relaxing content will continue as usual on Wednesday.
2. Logan Paul's podcast, "Impaulsive" is looking for a female co-host. Consider this my audition.
3. How you can help:

STEP 1: Tweet the link to this video to @LoganPaul @MikeMajlak and @Juliaxbabee #Impaulsive with a screenshot of the video or a clip, etc. (something visual). If you think I'd be good in that role - let him know why in your tweet!
STEP 2: For every tweet - I will donate $1 to the Mamba Foundation (up to $500). Don't forget to tag us both so I can keep track of the number! (Retweeting the post of others doesn't count) ????????

✅ If you liked this video and helped me to reach him - thank you, I appreciate you.
❌ If you did not like this - I still appreciate you. This video is a 1-time exception and in no way indicative of my future content. This channel will remain 100% dedicated to ASMR and I will see you back every Wednesday and Sunday!

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