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Kaadhal Oru Vaanavil - காதல் ஒரு வானவில் - Ep 41 - Full Episode

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Ep 41: Dev In A Fix
The courier boy informed Dev that Dr. Bose has denied accepting the new mobile phone. On the other hand, Ishwari too has opined that Dev has broken Dr. Bose’s phone hence it’s the duty of Dev to rectify his mistake. However, Dr. Sonakshi denial to accept the phone has made Dev very tensed! Want to know why? Then stay tuned in and find out here!

About Kaadhal Oru Vaanavil:
"A few colors of love can be like this too" is an Indian fiction romance television series, which premiered on 29 February 2016 on SetIndia TV Channel. The series is a realistic take on the romantic relationship between Devrath and Sonakshi. Their love story and how it will impact the unique, close-knit relationship between Devrath and his mother is the main theme of the show. The show is set in Delhi and revolves around Mr. Devrath Dixit and Dr. Sonakshi Bose. Dev is a successful business tycoon who lives with his mother Ishwari, whom he's devoted to, his three beloved sisters, Neha, Nikki and Riya, his uncle, aunt, and their son. Dr. Bose, on the other hand, is a consulting nutritionist, who hails from a middle-class Bengali family of five, and is appointed by Dev for Ishwari's permanent consulting nutritionist. Initially, both Ishwari and Dev are indifferent to Sonakshi but gradually form a bond with her.

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