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Midsummer Is Full of Love | Special Clip | So romantic! Top sweet moments | 仲夏满天心 | ENG SUB

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【Synopsis】It is about Luo Tianran, a girl who has a lack of tone but dreams of becoming a composer. By chance, she meets with the idol superstar Jin Zeyi, and a series of romantic love stories happen. The two have totally different personality. One is a strong, independent, smart, and self-respecting rookie musician, and the other one is a popular idol who is cold outside, with little devil inside, yet occasionally being arrogant and childish. Let's looking forward to their romantic love!
【Starring】Yang Chao Yue, Timmy Xu, Shi Shi, Li Jia Ming, Jiang Zi Xin, Liu Miao Lin, Zhong Qi, Zhou Li Wei

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