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Mike Love - 'Forgiveness’

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Mike Love - ‘Forgiveness’

Forgiveness, it’s one of the most tricky skills to learn in life. The truth is, while forgiving someone else can sometimes help ease their burden of guilt, most times it won’t mean a damn thing to the person you are forgiving. You do it for yourself, so that you can move forward, free the weight of bitterness and resentment. It’s not easy sometimes to forgive and forget, and it doesn’t mean you don’t need to lay down those ground rules and put up those healthy boundaries, it just means you are moving forward and making the decision to learn from but not dwell on things you can’t change. You can’t force someone to see your perspective or walk in your shoes, all you can do is work on yourself, learn from your mistakes, and try to be the best version of yourself you can be. I wrote this song years ago when I found myself caught between two feuding friends, trying to be a bridge between them. Sometimes though, friendships dissolve because people just aren’t in alignment anymore and that’s okay. Don’t hold on to those negative memories though if they are festering within you. Live is way too short to dwell on the bad shit, especially when there is so much good right in front of us.

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