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Who is a true millionaire?

A person whose wealth amounts to a million or more in some units of currency is a millionaire. Someone can be a millionaire in Cameroon but not in United Kingdom because being millionaire is relative to the operational currency within the zone where he or she operates. A person whose material wealth is valued at more than a million is also a millionaire, even without a cash of one million in the bank. A true millionaire understands the true nature of money, he never allows money to rule or guide his life. He knows that money is a good servant but a bad master.

A true millionaire never takes money as his or her goal; it is only a tool. For him, peace and joy are more valuable than money. He understands the value of a dollar; and uses money as a tool to get more money.

True millionaires understand the value of time. Time is money for them, and they don’t waste their time; they maximize it.

True millionaires are problem solvers. They use what they have to answer to human needs and money is answering to them. They use their gifts, resources, talents for the good of humanity.
True millionaires love to work and understand the power of work. They know that without it, nothing can come out. They enjoy, but not endure their work. That is their secret.
While poor people waste their money, millionaires invest theirs to secure their future. While others spend money, millionaires invest money for financial freedom.
A true millionaire is a risk taker. That is why he is walking in abundance and oceanic wealth. He is serious about family value and God giving dream. True millionaires build the future of their children and grand children. They understand that they are blessed to be a blessing.
A true millionaire supports the work of God and the needy. He does not concentrate on living big, he lives below his means.

They like to understand what they are doing and they are focused, building and controlling each step of the way. They invest their money and time to get more knowledge and wisdom. They convert that knowledge into profits.

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