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Namami - নমামি | 12th Jan 2021 | Episode No 116

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Episode 116

About Namami:

This story revolves mainly around Janaki (mother), Bivan (Janaki's son) and Namami (the daughter-in-law/ Bivan's wife).

To a mother, her children are all the wealth in the world and happiness in life. She'd go to the end of the world, to protect her children. Sometimes, that love can be overbearing, or, in this case, can be over protective. Janaki becomes incandescently protective after Bivan marries Namami. Janaki starts to feel insecure the moment she saw Bivan happy with Namami. She starts to feel that Bivan, her son, is slipping away from her. But, actually it isn’t true. Namami loves Bivan too.

The bitterness between Janaki and Namami starts slowly, and later becomes a major conflict in the household. Janaki tests Namami’s patience every moment. Namami belongs to a humble family with traditional way of thinking. Namami never fights back with Janaki. Instead, she’s resilient and proves her love for Janaki's son everyday. This is also a beautiful love story between Bivan and Namami. As namami struggles everyday with Janaki, her love for Bivan grows stronger and deeper. The struggle Janaki and Namami continues until Janaki realizes her misunderstandings and eventually faced with the consequences.

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