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Pepito Manaloto: “Tinola ‘yan, Pitoy! Tinola!” – Elsa | Full Episode 42

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Nang dahil sa kagustuhan ni Elsa na matutong makapagluto ng iba't ibang mga putahe, susubukan niyang mag-aral sa isang culinary school. Magustuhan na kaya ng pamilya Manaloto ang kanyang mga lulutuin?

Pepito Manaloto, Ang Tunay na Kuwento, is a stand-alone show that follows the ordinary life of an ordinary person who was blessed with extraordinary luck.

The Manalotos' rags-to-riches experience earned them a TV show, but because they thought it didn’t reveal the true story, they had the TV network responsible scrap it. Instead, they came up with the idea to show exactly what goes on in the Manaloto household by having a camera crew film their lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The merry mix of characters of Pepito and his wife Elsa, their children Chito and Clarissa, their house help Patrick, Maria, Robert, Baby and their neighbors Tommy, plus the mother-daughter tandem of Deedee and Mimi, will bring more color to the life story of Pepito Manaloto. #PepitoManaloto #SuperStream #YouTubeSuperStream

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