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Revit Materials 101 - How to Download and Use .ADSKLIB Revit Material Libraries in Your Projects

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NEW: Looking for how to relink images and transfer non-ADSKLIB Revit materials? Learn how here: https://youtu.be/yL1RjryhZaY

Revit Material Libraries can be confusing. Whether you're looking to add paint, roofing, flooring, or any other kind of material, proper understanding of how Revit materials work and how to design with them in Revit is essential to anyone's BIM skillset.

Download Revit materials from BIMsmith Market at https://market.bimsmith.com/revit-materials

In this video, Pete from BIMsmith walks through the following tips for finding and downloading Revit materials:

1. How to find Revit material libraries
2. How to use BIMsmith Market to find Revit materials from manufacturers
3. How to compare Revit materials side by side before you download them for your project
4. What an .ADKSLIB file is and how to open it
5. How to add Revit materials from an .ADSKLIB file to your project
6. How to apply Revit materials from a Revit Material Library to elements in your project

If you’re looking for Revit materials for your next Revit project, check out https://market.bimsmith.com/revit-materials. You can find Revit material libraries for all categories of products like walls, roofs, paints, flooring, and more.

Have a question or a comment? Ask it below or shoot us a note at shout@bimsmith.com.

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