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Ring of Fire ????Multiple Wing Pours in a Quest for Hot Rod Flames! WOW! So Cool to Watch!

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Acrylic Pouring Fluid Art Multiple Wing Pours Hot Rod Flames

Hello Friends! Welcome back! Today HoA and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary, and I want to do a pour for him. HoA loves to build things, one of his projects right now is converting a 1953 Hudson Hornet into an electric car! He really loves hot rod flames, so I want to try to create some flames for him today.

My Colors are:

- Bordeaux Red
- Prussian Blue
- Cadmium Orange Hue
plus some:
Folk Art Fire Opal
Golden's Copper Irridescent
DecoArt Americana Decor
- 24K Gold
Satin Enamels
- Pure White
Pouring Medium:
Liquitex Gloss Medium
There is NO Silicone
in Any of My Paint.

I'm using 5 ounce Dixie cups today because I'm pouring multiple small Wing pours to hopefully look like flames.
I pour out 7 small Wing Pours and tilt them to cover the canvas. It looks kind of floral, its actually pretty symmetrical. I ask HoA if there is anything he wants me to change and he replies that he likes it when I stretch things out. I pour another small cup in the middle and stretch that out and open up the lines. I think I'm done. We start to pack up our gear but I'm not really happy with it.. and HoA encouraged me to pour it again if I want to, saying that it doesn't matter if the video is going to be long. So... this time I prepare 3 small cups at the same time, then pour them. I stretch them to cover the canvas, and I like it a lot better than I did before. It works!
I was trying to get HoA to do a pour for today's video..but it didn't work out.. but his resistance is wearing thin.. soon it will happen ????

A few days ago I talked about a big surprise happening on Sunday August 16th.. Im not going to say much right now, other than its going to be really fun and I'm very excited about this! I think you guys are going to love it too ☺ Next Sunday!!! August 16th, 2020



Omelet Turner (spatula)

Cups 16 oz

Giant Push Pins

Liquitex Gloss Medium

Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint, Set of 8 Metallic Colors https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085T9KZ47/ref=cm_sw_r_fm_apa_i_rglZEb4041MZR

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You can contact me via Messenger (Mina Villegas) or you can email me at Mina@MinaVillegasArt.com ????

Thank you all so much for watching and hanging out with us in the garden. I really feel all your support and encouragement and love, and we love you all right back.
- Mina, HoA and ZenKitty ❤

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Music from Epidemic Sound:
Crazy Ol' World - The Best Ofs
Golden Sweetheart - The Best Ofs
Hot Rod Rebels - The Best Ofs
Hot Stuff Goin' On - The Best Ofs
Leather Jacket - The Best Ofs
Polka Dots - Heyday Highway
Sugar Spun Darlin'

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