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Scuffed Painting on Ashley - Details in Description

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Ashley tries to put on makeup while chat tries to distract and mess things up for her with Donations & Chat Commands:

$1.00- song request
$2.00- Media
$2.00- DJ (5 songs)
$2.00- No Mirror
$2.00- Add Mirror
$2.00- Finger Painting
$2.00- Choose color
$3.33- Stop and do push ups - (1-5, you pick)
$3.33- Stop and do sit-ups - (1-5, you pick)
$3.33- Stop and do jumping jacks - (1-5, you pick)
$3.33- Stop and run in place - (10-20 secs, you pick)
$3.33- Do makeup while hopping on one leg - (10-20 secs, you pick)
$3.99- Choose something for me to paint on my face
$3.99- choose 3 colors and where to use them
$3.99- Paint with spoon
$3.99- Paint with fork
$4.20- Paint with slice of cheese
$4.20- Paint with pickle
$4.20- Make Dro a snack
$4.20- crack egg over head
$4.20- Dunk face in flour
$4.20- wear trash bag
$4.20- Thrust paint onto face
$4.20- Change into a pirate while keeping progress
$5.00- Shaving cream to the face
$6.66- Paint while upside down
$6.66- tape a brush on each finger ("ashley Brushy hands")
$6.66- Paint while hands tied
$6.66- Stop and clean kitchen/ make food
$6.66- glitter massacre
$6.66- Use left hand (shes a righty)
$6.66- Paint with feet
$6.66- Take a break and play with ferrets
$6.66- Use chopsticks to hold paint brush
$6.66- Start all over
$7.77- Start all over with your choice of what to paint
$7.77- Start over on half face with new painting, leave other
$7.77 Charades with makeup

Chat Commands:
!blacked - Black out lights for 3 Seconds
!strobe - blacks out lights and enables strobes
!fart & !fart2
!zombie & !zombie2
!chainsaw & !chainsaw2

???? Stream Donations: https://streamlabs.com/ashleyviolet
▶️ Her YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCZiaks7rIby840GK1CogftQ
???? Her Discord: https://discord.gg/bthJSdY
???? Her Instagram: https://instagram.com/illuminashleey

???? Dro Discord: https://discord.gg/aFKSw3Z
???? Become a Dro Bro: https://goo.gl/qavJfs
???? Become a Dro Patron: https://patreon.com/the_dro
???? Instagram: https://instagram.com/The_Dro
???? Facebook: https://facebook.com/thedrofromdsa

Send Stuff to Open on Livestream:
???? The Dro
PO BOX 1337
Salem, OH 44460

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