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Sebastian Morgenstern - Sad Story

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Jonathan/Sebastian is probably the villain I most cried about. Before you think of me crazy, I want to let you know that I have this weird affinity for villains, I seem to always see the light in them. And yes, I found the goodness in Valentine (despite what he did to Jace and Sebastian and practically to every one else) and of course there's Sebastian, who didn't get the love he's supposed to have, and his life ruined because his father was idealistic and mad.. and I cried really hard as I finished The City Of Heavenly Fire, the possibilities and 'What Ifs' are going on around my head, 'He Could Have Been' a brother to Clary, a son to Jocelyn, he could have been a noble Shadowhunter.

And I just love how Will Tudor gave justice to Sebastian's character, he is amazing! I am looking forward to see the part where Clary dreams of him as her demonless brother with green eyes, that scene broke my heart too, and I wish Jocelyn was still alive in the show to complete the scene where Sebastian died and his demon blood was stripped away from him, and you know, give him the motherly love he deserved.... Ugh! But the show changed a lot of stuffs.. like Max didn't die so there won't be any dreams for Izzy like Clary's about Sebastian, but Jocelyn died in the show which she didn't in the book. So most likely, I won't be able to see them in the show. *sigh* Oh, well. I guess Will Tudor's superb acting will make up for the changes they've made. Still love the show and of course, Cassie's books, and Sebastian always had my heart, his life after all is one Sad Story.

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GotXeCwUnc

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