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Solve the Rubik's Cube (Third Layer) (Read Description)

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Learn the infamous third layer of the Rubik's Cube—the easy way!

Cube: Moyu Weilong

•This video is NOT for:
-People who already know how to solve the Rubik's Cube
-People who don't know how to solve layers 1–2
-Trolls and other people not seeking to learn

•This video IS for:
-People who have watched my previous two videos and can successfully solve layers 1-2, and want to solve layer 3.

1. Watch the ENTIRE video before you ask a question. I explain at 4:28 what to do if no corners are in the right place. At 4:55 when I say that I perform the dodge, that means I perform the dodge. I don't show it because I've already showed earlier in the video what it looks like and what to do afterwards.

2. If your yellow cross is already solved, skip the FACE step and go straight to the PUSH step.
If your four vertical bars are all solved, skip the PUSH step and go straight to the DODGE step.
If your corners are all in the correct places, skip the DODGE step and go straight to the twister (the "down-left-up-right" move).

3. If your whites get messed up while doing the final twister algorithm, one of THREE things happened:

A. You forgot the final "bottom layer to the right" move. Remember, when the corner's yellow sticker goes to the top, you're not done! You still have to finish the algorithm by turning the bottom layer to the right.

B. You forgot to turn ONLY the top layer after solving a corner. Turning the whole cube after you solve a corner is INCORRECT. Do the algorithm COMPLETELY (either 2 or 4 times) and then turn ONLY the top layer to the next one, exactly as I explain at 5:27.

C. You have a corner twist that you accidentally caused in previous use. This makes the cube impossible to solve with regular turns. Just take any corner on the cube, twist it clockwise, and try again. If it still doesn't work, take any corner on the cube, twist it clockwise, and try again (it will definitely work this time if you do it right). If you want to be able to tell if it's solvable or not, scroll down to the bottom of the description!

4. If you still need help, watch my example solves! If you want to get faster, check out my Solving Faster tutorials!

5. If you have followed all of the above steps, and still cannot solve your cube, please ask a specific question using a time stamp, and I will gladly help you until your problem is completely solved.


Face: F (R U R' U') F'
Push: R U R' U R U2 R' U
Dodge: U R U' L' U R' U' L
Twister: R' D' R D

The FACE gets you the yellow cross.
The PUSH gets you the vertical bars.
The DODGE puts the yellow corners in the correct places.
The TWISTER twists the yellow corners until they are solved.


F Front face clockwise
U Up (top) face clockwise
R Right face clockwise
L Left face clockwise
D Down (bottom) face clockwise

' Actually, turn that face counterclockwise
2 Actually turn it twice (in either direction)

Happy cubing!


Want easy access to all the BEST algorithms for solving?
I’ve got a list that I’ve been building for years that contains all the algorithms for:

-3x3x3 last layer (2-look and 4-look)
-Every F2L case
-3x3x2 last layer
-Megaminx last layer
-Mixup Cube
-Parity/conversion for large cubes

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HOW TO TELL IF A CUBE IS SOLVABLE (or if you have a corner twist)

Get to the spot where all you have left is the twister algorithm.
Grab paper and a pencil and examine each of your four corners:

•If it is solved (yellow on top), write a 0 on the piece of paper.
•If it is rotated clockwise (yellow on the right side), write a 1.
•If it is rotated counterclockwise (yellow on left), write a –1.

You should have FOUR different numbers on that paper, one for each corner. Add them all together!

•If your total is 0, 3 or –3, your cube is solvable!
•If your total is 1 or –2, take one of the yellow corners and twist it counterclockwise, and your cube will be solvable!
•If your total is –1 or 2, twist one corner clockwise.

There you have it!

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