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Star Party Live! Shooting the Perseids!

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Join us for a special Star Party Live on Tuesday, August 11, starting at 8 PM EDT.

Other timezones: 00:00UTC (Aug 12th) ¦ 5 PM PDT ¦ 5:30 AM IST

Join Slooh Astronomer Paul Cox and astrophotographer extraordinaire Dr. Mike Shaw for this special Star Party to learn how you can photograph the Perseids Meteor Shower!

Mike Shaw is one of the best nightscapes astrophotographers in the world, and he leads the Nightscapes club at Slooh. He will explain how you can use DSLR and mirrorless cameras to photograph one of the most popular meteor showers of the year - the Perseids.

Paul and Mike will also have details of Slooh's live coverage of the meteor shower on Wednesday, August 12th starting at 7 PM EDT (23:00UTC)!

All members can watch live on the show page or join the Zoom Webinar to ask questions and participate!

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