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Stranger Things: Everything We Know About Season 4

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Everything You Need To Know About Stranger Things Season 4
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Stranger Things is no stranger to sending out cryptic teasers faster than Dustin crimped his hair for the prom. So fans were thrilled to see that they released not one but two teasers this week, and basically every frame has a clue.

The announcement trailer suggested the new season won’t take place in Hawkins, and with Season 3 ending with Eleven leaving town, that sounds about right. But the first teaser trailer took us even farther than a quick car ride away. It took us all the way to Russia. And also revealed that the very much dead Jim Hopper is very much alive.

The latest teaser trailer delivered on what the cast has been saying about Season 4, that it’ll be the darkest season yet, with a series of images of childrens’ toys covered in blood. Even more juicy, said toys are all in the Rainbow Room, where Eleven was held and experimented on before she escaped. That teaser followed up with ANOTHER teaser (the real one this time) where they showed a group of kids, all in the rainbow room, all presumably with psychic abilities. The cherry on top was Dr. Brenner addressing the kids in the room, then addressing Eleven telepathically. Could Season 4 expand on the origin of eleven?

Casting of the new season shows the man the myth the legend, Robert Englund, who played Freddy Kreuger in Nightmare on Elm Street, is joining the cast as an inmate at Pennhurst Mental Hospital, which also gives us a hint as to the setting of the new season.

We’ll have to wait, though, according to the cast, the next season is “hopefully” coming out in 2022. But that’s fine! More time for speculation.

0:00 Intro
0:29 The Announcement Trailer
0:54 Previously On: Eleven’s Powers
1:33 Teaser 001/004 From Russia With Love
2:20 Teaser 002/004 Eleven, Are You Listening?
4:02 Pennhurst Mental Hospital
4:37 Who Are These Kids?
5:11 Release Date?

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