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The BRAVE Clone Engineer Who Saved Obi-Wan and Ahsoka's Lives - Sergeant GAFFA

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Early in the Clone Wars, General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Ahsoka Tano, fighting alongside the 38th armored division of Clone Engineers are harshly defeated in a deep space battle by the separatist droid army. After losing the intense battle, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka are forced to flee the area with their Clone Troopers in a daring escape.
So, I’m going to break down the story of the Clone Engineer who saved the entire crew of the Twilight with his quick thinking, and engineering Genius.

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The story begins following Obi-Wan and Ahsoka aboard the Twilight, where they are being overwhelmed by vicious incoming Vulture droids that are attempting to board the ship. The morale of the Clone Engineers on board is hanging by an incredibly fragile threat and even the smallest of combat engagements could send any of the Clone Troopers past their limits.

The entire Republic fleet is in a full tactical retreat after a horrific failure at battle below, forcing Obi-Wan and Ahsoka to evacuate their men away from the area.

As the two Jedi attempt to evade the rapidly swarming Vulture droids, Ahsoka takes the controls and attempts to maneuver the Twilight out of trouble, while the brave Clone Engineers of the 38th armored division attempt to maintain engine power and hyperdrive stability. Unfortunately, even after the best efforts of the Clone Combat Engineers on board, the immense amount incoming fire from the Vulture droids has put the Twilight only one hit away from being completely disabled, and left floating dead, in the dark void of space.

Ahsoka is incredibly frustrated that things haven’t gone to plan in both the battle and the escape, but Obi-Wan cautions her that the enemy will also always have a plan… and occasionally, theirs is better. Ahsoka quickly responds to Obi-Wan saying “Better? That pincer movement they pulled on the fleet was devastating!!”. Obi-Wan accepts that he has understated just how badly the mission has gone, but holds trust in his men that they will prove their worth and keep the ship running at all costs. Obi-Wan even comments to Ahsoka “You didn’t used to be so eager to see defeat in the eyes of others”, to which the young Padawan responds “maybe I’ve seen too many battle-fields”.

Following this, Obi-Wan explains that the brave men aboard the Twilight are the remnants of the 38th Armoured battalion… Only the lucky ones. Six engineers from the battalion are tragically on life-support, in deep bacta tanks, and four more have permanent, long term injuries, unlikely to be recovered from. The entire 38th is shattered, as many brothers were lost and many more will never see action on the front lines ever again. And let me know if you want to hear more about the Clone Combat Engineers, because these guys are truly brave soldiers who were ripped away from their training classes on Kamino at an early age to specifically be trained as Engineers, and really don’t get the recognition they deserve among the other Clones. So after you’ve heard their story, make sure you let me know in the comments if you think they deserve more recognition. Even though they’re not always on the frontlines of combat, their repairs, refuelling and maintenance are vital for the Republic war machine to keep moving.

As the incredibly upset Clones try to forget about their monumental losses, Clone Sergeant Gaffa immediately calls for his men to brace, as an enemy shuttle is approaching at ramming speed.

This sends the entire crew of the Twilight into a fiery panic, but awaiting the impact, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka are ready to repel any B-1 Battle droids who attempt to board their ship. The Twilight rattles with incredible force as it rams into the Separatist Shuttle, with a cloud clank. Immediately after the impact, Obi-Wan tells Ahsoka that she is almost as impatient as the droids, before racing off to meet the droid boarding party, igniting his bright blue lightsaber. The droids immediately board the ship, and are under strict orders from their General to take no prisoners, and to destroy all Republic assets. Obi-Wan them immediately jumps down to greet the droids, in an almost hello-there style move, before shredding each of the Clankas to pieces with several gracious swings of his lightsaber. How can you not love Obi-Wan!?

As Obi-Wan is deflecting blaster bolts from all angles, and continuing to slice the B-1 battle droids to pieces, Ahsoka rushes into action, with slightly more aggression than Kenobi. In the same way, Ahsoka’s emerald green lightsabers hum in harmony, as she slices them through the battle droids tearing each one to pieces in a quick manner. As she is mowing down the battle droids, she even jokes to Obi-Wan that two blades are definitely better than one.

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