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The Clone Commandos Who DEFENDED Coruscant During the Battle of Coruscant - Yayax Squad

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During the intense battle of Coruscant, a brave squad of Clone Commandos from the Republic’s special operations brigade was dispatched on the planet to assist the Omega Squad and others in protecting vital Republic infrastructure like the Holonet and power grids. So who were the Yayax Squad, and why were they so important to the safety of the Republic?

The Yayax squad was an elite unit of Clone Commandos who served the Grand Army of the Republic and were placed under the command of the Republic’s Special Operations Brigade during the Clone Wars. The squad was led by Cov, and also included Dev, Jind and Yover. The Yayax squad were one of the unique and specialized Clone Commando units that were able to be trained under Rav Bralor on Kamino. Rav Bralor was one of the toughest Mandalorian Trainers on Kamino and was known for absolutely hating the Kaminoans, as well as putting up with no disobedience from Clones in her training program. Throughout her time on Kamino as a Mandalorian trainer hired by the Republic and the Kaminaos, she trained a full company of Clone Commandos, including the Vevut Squad and of course the Yayax squad. Make sure you remember her name, because she will be very important later in the story. Also let me know down below if you’d like to hear more of Rav Bralor’s story, as it is actually very interesting and deeply connected to the Clones Commandos.

Just like most other Clone Commandos, the Yayax squad were outfitted with standard issue Katarn Class Commando armour, but unlike many of the other Clone Commando Squads, they chose to paint theirs with a gray and brown dazzle pattern, giving a small amount of camouflage in Urban environments, like Coruscant, where they were often stationed.

Eventually, the dark day of the Battle of Coruscant came and the Yayax squad were deployed alongside the Omega Squad and ARC Trooper Lieutenant Aven. The group was immediately sent to take hold of the Holonet News and Entertainment Headquarters building, after receiving intelligence that a separatist attack on the station was imminent. Republic command deemed it to be absolutely vital that the Holonet News station remained functional and able to broadcast to the citizens of Coruscant, because they were worried that if the News stations were disabled by the droid forces, separatist propaganda would quickly spread throughout the population of the planet. Republic Command wanted to avoid the population of Coruscant being demoralized at any cost, because they would start to lose support for the war.

The Yayax squad and the others were successfully able to protect the Holonet headquarters from brutal droid attack forces, partially with help from their customized camouflage commando armor.

Following the successful defence of the Coruscant Holonet, the Yayax squad were swiftly moved closer to the Republic senate building, where they assisted the Coruscant Security force in maintaining security among the citizens of Coruscant. They were trained from birth on Kamino to know that the Republic capital is the most valuable asset within the Republic, so they defended it with extreme vigour and amazing resolve, all the way until Dooku was killed and Grievous escaped from the Coruscant System.

The squad remained in this relatively low risk role until the dark day of Order 66 was called, and the Order was transmitted to Every Single member of the group. Instead of executing the Order, the Yayax squad chose to desert the grand army of the Republic and escape to Mandalore, to join Kal Skirata. The squad was taken to Mandalore by A’den skirata, and Nyreen Vollen, as they delivered the body of fallen Jedi Master, Etain Tur-Mukan, who died protecting a Jedi padawan in the aftermath of Order 66.

Once the group arrived on Mandalore, they, alongside former Clone Commander Levet chose to live with Rav Bralor and Clan Skirata on the planet, all becoming carpenters and Farmers, choosing peace over more fighting and combat.

So that is the tragic story of the Yayax Squad, the Squad of Clone Commandos who defended the Republic Holonet from the invading Separatist forces during the battle of Coruscant. Thanks so much for watching, really hope you enjoyed the video. Cheers guys, hope to see you in the next one!

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