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The Clone Wars: ARC Trooper Theme | EPIC VERSION

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Artwork Credit: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Kaw9XW
Clone Wars 2003 Themes by Paul Dinletir & James L. Venable
Star Wars Theme by John Williams
Arranged & Orchestrated by Samuel Kim

***PLEASE do not just take the audio and re-upload the music to your channel using a different picture/artwork. Also don't make 1 hour to 10 hour versions of this score. However You ARE allowed to use the music as "background music" in your video.If you are wanting to use this track for your own project please email me at samuelkimmusic@gmail.com. Provide a link to your channel and the video you wish to use and we can discuss allowance from there. Kindly note, if you use our content without permission prior, you run the risk of your own content being removed and possible action being made by YouTube!

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