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The Confrontation on Luna and Night- NEW ANIMATIC. Read Description Please.

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A year ago, I released a set of sequential images that I thought at the time were called an animatic. In reality, those were thumbnails. Now, a year later I am more well educated in the art of illustration, animation and storytelling.

Last year, I was enamored by InkPotts beautiful concept of creating animatics of ponies merged with the wonderful world of Broadway musicals. When they released the Pinkamena version of the Confrontation Track from the musical Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde I fell in love with the concept as well. I knew the song fit perfectly with Nightmare Moon and Luna. So out of fun I recorded my voice and manipulated my pitch in order to make it suitable for me to use it for my drawings. I was SO SICK when I recorded the song that I barely could hit the notes, but still I am happy with the end result. I took one week scribbling on storyboards templates what I more or less had in my head and at the moment I thought it was brilliant. Little I knew that I could do better, so much better. That is why I have taken the next opportunity of time available to elaborate on this project again. I some day wish to be able to animate fully and as I go through the path of my college career in animation and fine arts, I feel that day coming closer to the present.

I want to thank everybody who has been alongside my evolution as an artist. My Family, my Followers and my friends and loved ones. This is for you. Please enjoy it.

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