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The Half Sisters | Full Episode 403

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In the series, Rina (Jean Garcia) is the childbearing woman of the “twins,” one sired through amorous marital copulation with her husband Alfred (Ryan Eigenmann) and the other sired when she was raped by her former boyfriend Benjie (Jomari Yllana). Benjie is sent to prison because of what he did; while Rina remains a loving wife to Alfred as they live a financially-stable life together. Eventually, Rina got pregnant and gives birth to twins: Diana (Barbie Forteza) and Ashley (Thea Tolentino). However, Alfred is having doubts about who the father is and demands Rina to undergo a DNA test—with results confirming that it was a hetero-paternal superfecundation wherein Rina’s twins have different fathers—Diana by Benjie, and Ashley by Alfred. How will this unusual situation affect Alfred and Rina’s marriage?

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