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The Quest for Scarab Lord! | Esfand Best WoW Classic Moments

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This was such an amazing thing to get to do with my guild. Getting Grand Marshal and Scarab Lord in the same week has definitely been one hell of a grind and taken a lot out of me, but I'm glad I took the break and I'm back and ready to go! I'll be doing an AQ Special where I'll be talking all about AQ, the bosses, loot, etc. on Sunday, and then we'll be ACTUALLY banging the gong and getting Scarab Lord on Monday at 6:45 AM CST, I'll be live a couple hours before that and we're going to be following that up with the 10 hour war, AQ20, and AQ40 so it's gonna be a huge day. Follow my twitter at http://twitter.com/esfandtv or join my discord for more info http://discord.gg/esfandtv

Also since it's the only day where I'll have the Grand Marshal title with the Scarab Lord mount, I'll probably run around the world and take some screenshots. I might go back to Stormwind or something during the 10 Hour War and take screenshots with people for a little bit too.

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